Location, Maps and Access to Liville Gorge
Linville Gorge is considered the "Grand Canyon of the East"! It is a deep Gorge with cliffs and thick forest. And of course, the Liville River running down the center. The Gorge has the designate of Wilderness area, meaning that there is no human "impact", just the wilderness as it was. Therefore, no trails have blazes; there is "supposedly" no trail maintenance; etc... The Gorge is located East of the Black Mountains (Mt. Mitchell) and Southwest of Grandfather Mountain. Directly to the Gorge's East is the Wilson Creek area. Specifically, Linville Gorge is bordered as follows:
  • South: Lake James
  • East: Jonas Ridge, Rt 181, Table Rock Rd
  • North: Linville Falls, BRP, US221, Rt 183
  • West: Linville Mountain, Kistler Memorial Hwy(gravel), US221
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