Location, Maps and Access to Mt. Pisgah area on BRP
We will define the Mt. Pisgah area as the area in and around the intersection of the Blue Ridge Parkway and route 276 (running North/South roughly between Brevard and Waynesville, NC.) The section of BRP MilePosts is approximately 405-427.

Mt. Pisgah 407.6 - Pisgah Inn 408.6 - Skinny Dip Falls 417 - Graveyard Fields 418.8 - Black Balsam Rd (Art Loeb Tr) 420.2 - Bear Pen 427.6

Cold Mountain Information
Cold Mtn can be reached from 2 basic trails. The trailhead beginning at the Boy Scout camp on Rt 215 or the trailheads on Black Balsam Knob Rd (MP 420.2). Our immediate interest is from the BRP. The Ivestor Gap trail begins across from the parking lot at the end of Black Balsam Knob Rd (Sams Knob). It goes beneath the ridge parallel with the Art Loeb Trail (which is on top of the ridge). The trails intersect at Ivestor Gap and continue along the ridge to Shining Rock... and further to Deep Gap (where the Boy Scout camp trail merges to Cold Mtn). To access the Art Loeb Trail, Park a couple hundred yards before the Sams Knob Parking as the trail intersects and heads up Black Balsam Knob and stays on top of the ridge all the way to Cold Mtn.
Elevation Profiles to Cold Mtn

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Documentation: Galleries featuring BRP MP405-427

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Cold Mtn

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Shining Rock