Information on our 'Common' PIXcursion Destinations

Fontana Lake and Great
Smoky Mtns
Mt. Mitchell
Lake James
Linville Gorge
Wilson Creek (Gragg
Prong, Harper Creek)

Mt. Pisgah Area (Sam's
Knob, Graveyard Fields)
Stone Mountain
Pilot Mtn. State Park
Hanging Rock
State Park
Kerr Scott Reservoir

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Mish,Daley,Sleehrat+Rookies @ Mitchell (5-27-11)
Mish,Coach,Daley @ Linville Gorge (Hawksbill)(11-12-10)
Full Board @ Fontana (Double Island) (6-3-10)
  The Board @ Stone Mountain (3-5-11)
Mish,Coach,Daley @ Linville Gorge (Little Table)(10-08-10)
Mish & Henry @ Linville Gorge (Little Table)(4-02-10)

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